Invited Speakers

Christophe Monat , Christian Bertin (STMicroelectronics) & Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, (INRIA), Grenoble and Lyon, France.
Techniques and tools for implementing IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic on VLIW integer processors.

Abstract: Recently, some high-performance IEEE-754 single precision floating-point software has been designed, that aims at best exploiting some features (integer arithmetic, parallelism) of the STMicroelectronics ST200 ... [Show abstract]

Erich L. Kaltofen, North Carolina State University, Raileigh, USA.
15 years after DSC and WLSS2: what parallel computations I do today.

Abstract: A second wave of parallel and distribute computing research is rolling in. Today's multicore / multiprocessor computers facilitate everyone's parallel execution. In the mid 1990s, manufactures of expensive main-frame parallel ... [Show abstract]

Stephen T. Lewin-Berlin, Quanta Research Cambridge, USA.
Exploiting Multicore Systems with Cilk

Abstract: Cilk is a language extension to C and C++ designed to simplify programming shared-memory multiprocessor systems. By maintaining serial semantics, Cilk programs are relatively easy to test and debug, and they yield well to formal analysis of performance and scalability. A novel construct ... [Show abstract]


Jeremy Johnson, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA.
Automatic Performance Tuning.

Abstract: This tutorial presents automated techniques for implementing and optimizing numeric and symbolic libraries on modern computing platforms including SSE, multicore, and GPU. Obtaining high performance requires effective use of the memory hierarchy, short vector instructions, and multiple cores. Highly tuned implementations are difficult to obtain ... [Show abstract]

Daniel Kunkle, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.
Roomy: A System for Space Limited Computations.

Abstract: There are numerous examples of problems in symbolic algebra in which the required storage grows far beyond the limitations even of the distributed RAM of a cluster. Often this limitation determines ... [Show abstract]

Sivan Toledo , Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Combinatorial Scientific Computing

Abstract: Many large-scale scientific simulations face challenges that are combinatorial in nature. These include graph and hypergraph partitioning (e.g., for parallel sparse matrix-vector multiplication ... [Show abstract]